US Open 2019 Wheelchair Tennis Results

[Update 9/9/19] With the rain delays on Friday, we ended up with a full day of wheelchair tennis finals! As the last Grand Slam of the year, it was awesome to see these world class athletes battle for the title! Check out some quick updates from the last match day below, then scroll all the way down for all results!

  • In the Men’s Singles final, Stephane Houdet took Alfie Hewett to tiebreakers in both sets but Hewett took both to win his second US Open title in a row.
  • Hewett and fellow Brit, Gordon Reid, also repeated in Men’s Doubles.
  • Diede De Groot and Aniek Van Koot only conceded two games to win the Women’s Doubles title over Ellerbrock and Montjane.
  • De Groot had just a little bit more trouble in Singles, losing the first set to Yui Kamiji but climbed her way back to win 2-1
  • In Quad Singles, one of the most exciting matches was replayed. Dylan Alcott came from behind against Andy Lapthorne in the Round Robin stage but couldn’t do the same in the final. Lapthorne and Alcott put their rivalry aside to team up for Doubles and were able to take down Barten and nine-time champion David Wagner.
  • In the end, two Calendar Slams were completed at the US Open – de Groot and Van Koot in Women’s Doubles, and Dylan Alcott (with Andy Lapthorne) in Quad Doubles. Alcott’s is especially historic as this is the first year all four Grand Slams featured both Quad Singles and Doubles tournaments.

[Update 9/8/19] The rain may have mixed up the plan on Friday but all Wheelchair US Open Finals are now on the same day!! The Singles tournaments wrapped up Saturday with a few surprises. Gustavo Fernandez was stopped in his quest for a Calendar Slam by Stephane Houdet. He’ll be joined in the final by Alfie Hewitt. Women’s Singles was a bit less surprising with the top seeds, Diede de Groot and Yui Kamiji meeting today in the final. With only four competitors, the Quad tournaments were run differently than the rest. Doubles goes straight to finals today while Singles went through a round robin stage. The favorite, Dylan Alcott, went 3-0 only tripped up a little by his doubles partner Andy Lapthorne. They’ll fight eachother for Singles and then together against the US pairing of Bryan Barten and David Wagner. All starting today at 12pm, stay tuned!

[Update 9/7/19] Rain rolled into the Northeast, disrupting much of Friday’s proceedings. Just four of the scheduled matches on the wheelchair side were able to be played. The first semifinal was decided for Men’s Singles with wins by Gusti Fernandez and Stephane Houdet but the other two quarter finals were postponed. The other two matchups were in the Quad Singled Round Robin (what we originally thought was semifinals). Dylan Alcott and Andy Lapthorne picked up wins on day 1 but were matched up on Friday. Alcott was asleep at the wheels, losing the first eight games of the match but we knew the man who’s won the last four Quad Singles Grand Slams consecutively would figure it out. In a rough day this was definitely the most exciting matchup and we could see it again in the finals. Rounding out the day we saw David Wagner defeating his doubles partner Bryan Barten in straight sets. We will see soon how this will all be rescheduled so stay tuned today for updates!

[Original post] We’re onto the last Grand Slam of the year with three of six wheelchair tennis tournaments kicking off at the US Open. We’re seeing nearly the exact same field we saw a few months ago at Wimbledon. The only personnel changes show USA’s Bryan Barten and Dana Mathewson joining in on the Quad and Women’s draws respectively. They’ll join David Wagner as the only Americans in the adaptive portion of the US Open.

This could end up being a monumental event with four athletes going for Calendar Slams: Gustavo Fernandez in Men’s Singles (also recently won the ParaPan Am Games title), Diede de Groot / Aniek van Koot in Women’s Doubles, and Dylan Alcott in both Quad Singles and Doubles (with three different partners!) Alcott and the de Groot/van Koot pair were challenged on day one, but they all survived for a chance to complete the 2019 sweep!

Looking ahead to day two, we’ll see the opening rounds of Men’s and Women’s Singles. On the Men’s side, 2018’s champ, Alfie Hewett will take on six-time US Open winner, Shingo Kunieda while Fernandez will start his aforementioned Calendar Slam run. Diede de Groot and her doubles partner and fellow Dutchwoman Aniek Van Koot have been dominant in singles as well. De Groot took the first two Grand Slams of 2019 while van Koot defeated her at Wimbledon in July.

Men’s Singles


  • (1) G. Fernandez def. S. Olsson 2-0
  • S. Houdet def. G. Reid 2-1
  • N. Peifer def. J. Gerard 2-0
  • A. Hewett vs. (2) def. S. Kunieda 2-0


  • S. Houdet def. (1) G. Fernandez 2-1
  • A. Hewett vs. (2) def. N. Peifer 2-0


  • A. Hewett def. S. Houdet 2-0

Women’s Singles


  • (1) D. de Groot def. S. Ellerbrock
  • D. Matthewson def. K. Montjane
  • M. Buis def. G. Capocci 2-0
  • (2) Y. Kamiji def. A. Van Koot 2-0


  • (1) D. de Groot def. D. Matthewson
  • (2) Y. Kamiji def. M. Buis 2-0


  • (1) D. de Groot def. (2) Y. Kamiji 2-1

Men’s Doubles


  • Hewett/Reid def. (1) Houdet/Peifer 2-0
  • Fernandez/Kunieda def. (2) Gerard/Olsson 2-1


  • Hewett/Reid def. Fernandez/Kunieda 2-1

Women’s Doubles


  • (1) de Groot/Van Koot def. Capocci/Kamiji 2-0
  • Ellerbrock/Montjane def. Buis/Mathewson 2-1


  • (1) de Groot/Van Koot def. Ellerbrock/Montjane 2-0

Quad Singles

Round Robin

  • D. Alcott def. B. Barten 2-0
  • A. Lapthorne def. D. Wagner 2-0
  • D. Alcott def. A. Lapthorne 2-1
  • D. Wagner def. B. Barten 2-0
  • D. Alcott def. D. Wagner 2-0
  • A. Lapthorne def. B. Barten 2-0


  • A. Lapthorne def. D. Alcott 2-0

Quad Doubles


  • (1) Alcott/Lapthorne def. (2) Barten/Wagner 2-1

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