Wimbledon 2019 Wheelchair Tennis Results

2019 Wimbledon Wheelchair Tennis Champions

  • Men’s Singles – Gustavo Fernandez
  • Women’s Singles – Aniek Van Koot
  • Men’s Doubles Joachim Gerard / Stefan Olsson
  • Women’s Doubles – Aniek Van Koot / Diede de Groot
  • Quad Singles – Dylan Alcott
  • Quad Doubles – Dylan Alcott / Andrew Lapthorne

[Update 7/14/19 – 10:20 AM EST] Gusti with the comeback! Gustavo Fernandez defeated Shingo Kunieda, one of the all-time greats, 2-1 in the Singles final! This wrapped up an incredible four day stretch of Wheelchair Tennis where we had major upsets, streaks broken, and records smashed! Check below for full results! This page will continue to be updated with official highlights as they’re posted!

[Update 7/13/19 – 5:10 PM EST] Today we saw two top Dutchwomen, Diede de Groot and Aniek Van Koot, battle for the singles title. de Groot is the top singles player in the world and had won the last four Grand Slams, but the more experienced Van Koot got the better of her. Tomorrow we’ll get to see them team up, hoping to keep their Calendar Slam aspirations alive against Marjolein Buis and Giulia Capocci. Men’s singles will finish up before then featuring two top seeds: Shingo Kunieda looking for his 43rd Grand Slam and Gustavo Fernandez, who has been dominant thus far.

[Update 7/13/19 – 7:51 AM EST] The Brits couldn’t continue their streak! Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett went for their fourth consecutive Wheelchair Doubles title but they were taken down in straight sets by Joachim Gerard and Stefan Olsson. One streak has already continued today though and that is Dylan Alcott winning both Quad Singles and Doubles. He’s now six for six on the year at Grand Slams with just the US Open to go!

[Update 7/12/19 – 10:55 PM EST] All finals are now set with two days to go! On Saturday we’ll have the finals for Men’s Doubles, Women’s Singles, and Quad Singles as well as a 3rd place game for Quad Singles. We’ll follow that up with the Men’s Singles and Women’s Doubles finals matchup on Sunday right alongside a classic Djokovic/Federer on Center Court! If you can believe it, all of the potential Calendar Slams we mentioned in our preview are still alive. That’s Gustavo Fernández (men’s singles), Diede de Groot (women’s singles and doubles), Aniek van Koot (women’s doubles), and Dylan Alcott (quad singles and doubles). If they pick up Wimbledon titles, the US Open at the end of August will be even more exciting!

[Update 7/12/19 – 9:52 AM EST] We have our first champions! Quad Singles rivals Dylan Alcott and Andrew Lapthorne teamed up for Quad Doubles and took down Koji Sugeno and David Wagner in straight sets! The other Singles finals also came together this morning. The top two Men’s seeds, Shingo Kunieda and Gustavo Fernandez, will battle for the title on Sunday, while it’ll be an all-Netherlands final tomorrow on the Women’s side between Diede de Groot and Aniek Van Koot.

[Original post 7/11/19] It took ten days before we got some Wheelchair Tennis at Wimbledon but now we’re sure to have an exciting finish! The 2019 edition will have plenty of firsts. It was already the first to feature Quad Wheelchair Tennis on the championship schedule rather than as an exhibition and several competitors are shooting for historic wins. While the first Wheelchair Tennis matches of the tournament were thrilling, with come-from-behind wins by South African, Kgothatso Montjane and two-time Singles champ, Stefan Olsson, day 2 is looking to be the most action-packed. The Men’s and Women’s Singles tournaments will continue today with two semifinals each while Quad Singles will move straight to the final on Saturday after Great Britain’s Andrew Lapthorne and Australia’s Dylan Alcott cruised through their opening matches. Whether or not someone was eliminated from Singles, though, they’ll be back in action today for doubles! With the same field sizes as Singles, that’ll be semifinals for Men’s and Women’s and our first final in Quad Doubles!

Day 1 Results – July 11th, 2019

Men’s Singles Quarterfinals

  • (1) S. Kunieda def. G. Reid 2-0 (6-1, 6-1)
  • S. Olsson def. J. Gerard 2-1 (2-6, 6-4, 6-3)
  • S. Houdet def. N. Peifer (6-7, 6-3, 6-3)
  • (2) G. Fernandez def. A. Hewett 2-0 (6-1, 6-3)

Women’s Singles Quarterfinals

  • (1) D. de Groot def. M. Buis 2-1 (7-6, 4-6, 6-1)
  • K. Montjane def. S. Ellerbrock 2-1 (6-7, 6-1, 6-2)
  • A. Van Koot def. G. Capocci 2-0 (6-3, 6-2)
  • (2) Y. Kamiji def. J. Whiley 2-0 (6-4, 6-1)

Quad Singles Semifinals

  • (1) D. Alcott def. K. Sugeno 2-0 (6-3, 6-4)
  • A. Lapthorne def. (2) D. Wagner 2-0 (7-5, 6-4)

Day 2 Results – July 12th, 2019

Men’s Singles Semifinals

  • (1) S. Kunieda def. S. Olsson 2-1 (4-6, 6-2, 6-3)
  • (2) G. Fernandez def. S. Houdet 2-0 (6-0, 6-4)

Women’s Singles Semifinals

  • (1) D. de Groot def. K. Montjane 2-0 (6-3, 6-2)
  • A. Van Koot def. (2) Y. Kamiji 2-0 (6-3, 6-4)

Men’s Doubles Semifinals

  • Hewett/Reid def. (1) Houdet/Peifer 2-1 (6-3, 2-6, 7-6)
  • (2) Gerard/Olsson def. Fernandez/Kunieda 2-1 (6-3, 7-5, 7-6)

Women’s Doubles Semifinals

  • (1) de Groot/Van Koot def. Kamiji/Whiley 2-1 (3-6, 7-6, 6-1)
  • (2) Buis/Capocci def. Ellerbrock/Montjane 2-1 (7-5, 6-1)

Quad Doubles Final

  • Alcott/Lapthorne def. Sugeno/Wagner 2-0 (6-2, 7-6)
Rally between Kgothatsoe Montjane and Diede de Groot made it on the Day 11 highlight reel!

Day 3 Results – July 13th, 2019

Men’s Doubles Final

  • (2) Berard/Olsson def. Hewett/Reid 2-0 (6-4, 6-2)

Women’s Singles Final

  • A. Van Koot def. (1) D. de Groot 2-1 (6-4, 4-6, 7-5)

Quad Singles

  • Final – (1) D. Alcott def. A. Lapthorne 2-0 (6-0, 6-2)
  • 3rd place – (3) D. Wagner def. K. Sugeno 2-0 (6-2, 7-5)

Day 4 Schedule – July 14th, 2019

Men’s Singles Final (Court 3)

  • (2) G. Fernandez def. (1) S. Kunieda 2-1 (4-6, 6-3, 6-2)

Women’s Doubles Final (Court 3)

  • (1) de Groot/Van Koot def. (2) Buis/Capocci 2-0 (6-1, 6-1)

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