2018 US Power Soccer Conference Cup Series Day 2: Hooligans and Ghostriderz Stay Strong…Warriors Fall In The Semis

Following a terrific group stage yesterday, the Presidents Conference held tight contests for all four first round matches. The River City Phoenix snuck by Turnstone Furious Flyers 3-2, Arizona Heat advanced over the BORP Shockers 4-2, Chippewa Valley Hooligans continued their winning ways with a 4-1 match over ASPO Force, and Brooks Barracudas barely snuck by the Tidewater Piranhas 1-0. In the semifinal matchups it became clear who the top teams were. Arizona Heat cruised past the Phoenix 12-1 while the Hooligans took care of the Barracudas 6-2. Those winners will face off for the championship tomorrow at 3:30pm livestreamed on Court 1!

Chippewa Valley Hooligans Grant Shipley and Julie Endres defending the goal against the Brooks Barracudas (6/29/18)

The Founders Conference continued as well although the excitement was switched. There were three blowouts in the first round: Central Valley Ghostriderz over Glendale Rough Riders 5-0, San Jose Rockets over Henry County Hot Shots 4-0, and Wisconsin Warriors over RHI Inferno 8-3, and one tight game with the San Jose Flash prevailing 2-1 over the Shepherd Strikers. Then it got extremely intense in the semifinals. The Ghostriderz took a one goal lead against the Rockets with five minutes left in the second half (perfect pass on a freekick), but they let up a penalty in the last second! This pushed them through two periods of scoreless back and forth overtime and into sudden death where the Ghostriderz were able to finally finish them off.

Central Valley Ghostriderz and San Jose Rockets having a laugh after an intense finish in the semifinals (6/29/18)

Updated Brackets




Later on in the day, the top two conferences kicked off their group stages with each team playing one or two games. In the Champions conference, the PRHC Chariots took two commanding wins over the Minnesota Northern Lights and Lakeshore Power to lead group A. In the smaller group B, the Ball State Cardinals and DASA MO Rush are tied with one win each. The Cardinals defeated the Breakers soundly 4-1 while DASA barely escaped with a 1-0 win over the NEP Wildcats.

DASA MO Rush’s Connor Walsh stares down the Northeast Passage defense in both team’s opening match (6/29/18)

Meanwhile, the best power soccer teams in the country got started in Premier. The seven-time (and two-time defending) champ Circle City Rollers had no problem with their early competition, shutting out both the SoCal Vaqueros and the Minnesota Shockwave. The RHI Sudden Impact, featuring a trio of Dickey siblings, squeaked out two games today. With a 3-2 win over the San Jose Steamrollers and a 1-0 win over the Tampa Thunder, they set themselves up nicely for the rest of the group stage in a day that could have gone much differently.

Day 2 Standings



We’ll be back for another awesome day of power soccer action tomorrow!! Two national champions will be decided and seeding will be determined in the other two tournaments!! Hope to see you there!


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