2017 Northeast Passage Rugby Rampage Recap: Canadian Teams Dominate in New Hampshire

The Northeast’s first Quad Rugby tournament of the fall was a huge success! The event, hosted by Northeast Passage and featuring two Northeast Passage Wildcats squads, the New York Warriors, Montreal Quad Rugby, and the Québec Félins, took place on October 21st and 22nd. Each team played the other four in a round-robin format between Saturday and Sunday ending with a one round playoff to determine the final standings.

Québec’s #7 reaches for possession against Montreal’s stellar defense

The two Canadian teams and the two Wildcat teams kicked off Saturday with some of the toughest fought matches we’d see all weekend. Montreal set the hard-hitting tone early against Québec. After four quarters of back and forth action, Montreal came out on top with a 48-41 victory in the first match and would continue their strong play throughout the tournament.

The Wildcats Blue squad took an early lead over Wildcats White just as Montreal did the same to Québec. Wildcats Blue was led all weekend by #8 Carlos Avila with quite a few breakaway scores early in their first match. White fell to a nearly double digit deficit in the second quarter after a few turnovers but stayed in pace with Blue thanks to solid performances by #14 Adam Ellis and #9 Graeme Crowther.

NEP White’s Graeme Crowther battled to take the ball downfield against the Wildcats Blue squad

New York Warriors came on to play their first matchup against Wildcats White immediately after their loss to Wildcats Blue. The freshness of the Warriors squad showed early as they jumped out to a 13-4 lead in the first and didn’t look back from there. The Warriors defeated Wildcats White 48-40 and would go on to a 2-2 record over the weekend. Victories against the Northeast Passage teams below them in the standings and losses to Montreal and Quebec above them put them squarely in third for the tournament.

The Quebec Felins were able to bounce back from their Montreal loss later in the first day. Their victim was the Wildcats Blue team who they were able to control on offense and defense. Quebec was able to stop the back and forth scoring common in Quad Rugby thanks to turnovers like this one by Patrice Simard.

Quebec Felins would finish off Wildcats Blue 51-33 and would go on to do the same to New York 52-34 and Wildcats White 41-28. The only team that gave them trouble was Montreal. After an early defeat they had their chance at them again in the final on Sunday. Quebec carried a one point lead early, leading to a 13-13 tie after the first period. Montreal was able to use the back-and-forth play and a few turnovers to their advantage in the second. With a last second score from #26, Montreal took a 26-23 lead into the half. The second half was controlled completely by Montreal with some huge hits throughout the third. This led to a nine point 43-34 lead at the final intermission which they coasted on in the fourth to a 56-44 victory!

Click the links below to watch the full livestream of each day from ParaSportsLive:

Day 1 – NEP White v. Blue, NY Warriors v. NEP White, NEP Blue v. Quebec, NEP White v. Montreal

Day 2 – Quebec v. NEP White, NEP Blue v. NY Warriors, Montreal v. Quebec

Northeast Passage played host to a wonderful Quad Rugby tournament this past weekend. Intense competition in every game…

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  1. bethanyk

    Awesome blog!
    My old roommate went to the olympics and won a gold medal in wheelchair basketball. Unfortunately I cannot do any sports due to my muscle disease but I can take pictures! Which I enjoy immensely!

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      1. bethanyk

        No I haven’t! Thanks for sharing that! I’ve stayed away from so much due to the weakness of my bones and muscles.
        I used to be a professional waterskier so maybe I got the athletics out of the way early on so don’t feel led to do them now. I do wish I had an electric car that I could drive that had a wheelchair ramp I could just drive into…maybe one day. For now I enjoy my walks and flower photography . But I will pass this along to my friends in chairs thanks!


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