2017 FIPFA World Cup Blog #4: Poweroos Shock Japan in Quarters

Every classification, every practice, and every match played this week (and for the last six years!) has been leading up to these two days! The group stages on Thursday and Friday determined the eight teams moving on to the playoff rounds on Saturday and Sunday.


USA 7 – 0 Ireland – On one side of the braket, USA faced off in the first round against Ireland. Team USA only conceded one goal in the entire group stage to Argentina and they weren’t about to let Ireland add to that total. The Irish squad played tough defense at first, but were eventually overtaken by the Michael Archer-led attack by a score of 7-0.

England 4 – 0 Uruguay – Team USA would meet the winner of the England vs. Uruguay matchup in the semifinals which took place at the same time. England had a constant attack but were only able to score sporadically starting with a Harrison goal after ten minutes.

France 11 – 0 Argentina – In the second day of competition yesterday, France almost showed signs of slowing down. They just got by England and Australia with 2-1 and 4-0 victories after after a 20 point margin on the first day of matches. With the quarterfinals coming around they looked to bounce back and did just that. They scored early and often with Mohamed Ghelami leading the charge with seven scores.

Australia 2 – 1 Japan – In a matchup that has been played several times in preparation for the World Cup, Japan and Australia went back and forth with Japan doing much of the attacking at first. Japan’s Shinya Shioiri scored first at 11 minutes, but the Poweroos would go on the attack for the rest of the match. Into the second half Dimitri Liolo-Davis would score once ten minutes in to equalize the match and then put in the winning goal with just two minutes remaining! This sent the Aussies into the semis with their Pool B rivals, France.


USA 2 – 1 England – In a rematch of the most recent World Cup final, Team USA came out victorious again but it was not without controversy. Neither team scored in the first half, but USA scored two quick goals at the start of the second. England’s Kitcher scored one to bring them closer with ten minutes remaining. They kept the pressure on to get the equalizer but kept getting shot down by Archer and Nathan Mayer. With just two minutes to spare England drove down the court, hit it into Mayer’s guard, and then hit it one more time. The ball popped up and over the guard, off the post, and into the goal, but the head ref called it a high ball.

This nullified the goal but a replay flashed on the video screen which looked to show the ball crossing just below the highest allowed point on the goalpost. This would have tied the game up and sent it to extra time but Team USA escaped away with the win. 

France 7 – 0 Australia – Both teams were up on big victories in the last round. France continued their superb offense with goals from Ghelami, Weiss, Le Beller, and Delmas. Australia’s journey would end here and they will face off against England today for 3rd place. 

Another awesome day of power soccer brings us closer to deciding the World Cup Champions!! USA and France will meet at…

Posted by Athletes Roll on Sunday, July 9, 2017

Today is the final day of matches and each team will play for placement. Check out the live streams all day for the 9th, 7th, 5th, and 3rd place placement games with the USA vs. France final at 3 pm ET!!! 

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