US Power Soccer Conference Cup Series Blog #3: First Cuts

The US Power Soccer Conference Cup Series rolled on after a thrilling first day. We only got a glimpse of each teams’ talents yesterday after their first couple games but they would continue to show their true colors as the event wore on.

Early in the day the Circle City Rollers continued to assert their dominance on their fourth and final group stage opponent while the Turnstone Flyers and Minnesota Magic battled to a 4-4 draw.

Yesterday, we mentioned that the matchup between the Turnstone Flyers and Tampa Thunder was the most exciting match of the day. It turns out that the Flyers are just a blast to watch no matter who they play. 

In the quarter finals the Flyers met the other Turnstone sponsored team, the Furious Flyers and needless to say tensions were running high (between coaches, players, and fans). The teams exchanged goals relatively early in the first half tying the game at 1. The score would stay locked up for a while. Each team had plenty of chances but the defending and goalkeeping on both sides was terrific! 

It was 1-1 all the way til the end of regulation. The last few plays gave the Furious Flyers a few additional chances but they couldn’t put it away. Immediately into overtime the Flyers came out strong and scored the winning goal on their first possession! Overtime rules are only sudden death after the first ten minutes. The Furious Flyers still had chances to survive but again couldn’t put it in the net. 

Heading into the tournament you can never know for sure how well a team will perform based on the regular season. All teams were ranked and put into groups based on season record, but this does not take into account the caliber of teams they played throughout the year (many teams play above or below their conference based on which teams are nearby). The Crushers made this fact abundantly clear. With a 3-11 regular season record they were seeded in the last spot of the Presidents Conference B Division. If you look deeper though, this record is a result of playing much higher caliber teams in the San Jose Steamrollers (Champions Conference) and So Cal Vaqueros (Premier Division). They were one of a few teams to win all of their games on day one, and they continued their dominance today. 

The Crushers completed their four game sweep of the B Group and moved on to quarter finals against the Tidewater Piranhas. The Piranhas put up a fight with the score 2-1 Crushers for a while. In the end they were too much for them and the Crushers ended up winning 6-1 to move to the semifinals against ASPO Force. 

Check out the updated bracket below which will be completed today! 

As always make sure to tune in to the day’s action on our pages, Power Soccer Shop’s Livestreams at, and check back here for a recap after! Also check out our previous blog posts from this week’s action: 

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